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You have the prettiest eyes ever. Hope that doesn't sound too creepy, it's just something I always find myself thinking whenever one of your selfies pops up on my dash.

Compliments like this are always welcome. It’s really not creepy at all so thanks a lot. I’ve never really liked my eyes because they’re really almond-shaped and my eyelids are weird, but I’m coming around to them. This is just nice support. 

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The obligatory farewell bedroom and Harry Potter closet selfie.
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Hey yo I like ur blog home skillet

Bruh — thanks.

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Forever I couldn’t understand why writing hardcore R18 scenes solely meant for pornographic purposes in fanfiction was so difficult for me. Until I realized not a single book I’ve read in the past six years didn’t use sexual acts as a device to make your stomach curdle or entire person underhandedly uncomfortable. A revisit to Dennis Cooper being the most recent culprit. I don’t have a negative outlook on sex in my personal life nor am I incapable of separating abusive sexual acts from healthy and happy ones that fulfill a relationship or personal standard, but that’s not the angle of human sexuality I’m interested in exploring. No matter what ideology this website projects I think it’s important to write and discuss abusive and unhealthy situations without reservations while simultaneously doing everything in a person’s power not to glorify them. Otherwise we enter a newfound disillusioned kind of censorship that’s actually regressive and we begin taking the mecca out of the very interchangeable arts and literature. 

But Lee, you’re just writing fanfiction. Chill. 

Unfair. While there are those chapters I skimp out on, I typically put everything into my fanfiction because at the end of the day this is just practice for the real thing. It wouldn’t do me any good to entirely relax when putting something out there. Whether or not people just go into my archive for some angst it’s still important to me to aim for solidarity.

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Meow Wow is a mountain of cat.

a friend hit me up asking me to finish the drawing I did on 8-13-14, so have some ice cream trio (‘∀’●)♡